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About us

We ensure the legal security of your business.

Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Bieluk i Partnerzy is the largest law firm in Białystok. For a quarter of a century, we have been providing legal security to our clients, supporting them with knowledge and experience so that the legal aspects of their activities are as well protected as possible. An individual and creative approach to the challenges we face, combined with proven solutions, guarantees the right decisions.

We have been trusted by the largest companies in the region. We provide regular legal services to over 50 corporate entities. We support individual clients in particularly difficult and complicated matters.

Our strength is our permanent team. Our lawyers provide comprehensive solutions to any legal problem and our language competences allow us to provide legal services in English, Russian and Spanish. It is worth adding that the lawyers from our team combine professional work with university and journalistic activities.

Thanks to the wide range of legal specialisations of our team members, we provide legal services to all areas of our clients’ activity.

About us